New blog up and a new blog engine

Hello there! It's been gosh over a year and half since i posted a blog. I've been bad about putting up blogs in the past but this time it wasn't quite my fault. For the really, really long time readers (i mean i've had a blog here for something like a decade... maybe even longer.) You'll remember I used to write custom code for my website/blog. Eventually it was time to start over and I decided to save some time and use some out of the box stuff. After, what? like 6 years of using it, the admin section stopped working. It seems they used some 3rd party hosted file for their libraries (libraries I wasn't familiar with hosted by some unknown company) and since those hosted files went away the admin pages stopped working. I tried the blog briefly but the experience went poorly and as the amount of work for something I barely used escalated I basically went "meh".

So long story made short, new blog and a new engine. It's like i learned nothing! Another out of the box blog engine. I'm sure this will end in tears. (hah) I've got the original blog, but it doesn't play nicely with not being in the website root. And as I didn't write it nor do I have the source code (or the inclination to change it if i did) it's unlikely to show up anytime soon. Might be a good time for a clean break anyway. I'll write some more soon and give updates as to the latest and greatest things going on.

(I'll also zazz up this site.. so white!)

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