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17 hours left...

There are 17 hours left in the transparent materials contest. despite lots of changes i havent managed to move my score in a few weeks. i have though made my code more efficient (add a few mechanisms that help it get to the best score faster). And I added a mechanism i think will help a lot when there is a larger data set. I can flag train data features to get passed forward to the linear algebra that fits the correlated value to the actual value. with this tiny dataset though all it does is seriously overfit.  So, I turned it off. I also tweeked the scoring mechanism to work very nearly (only 2 differences the final run splits the data in half and uses 2 different linear algebra computations. and it also dampens the results merging them with the average for each half.) to the final adjustments... basically i use the linear algebra in there too.

So where does that leave me. i'm doing one final run right now. it'll either be done or be close being done by 6 tomorrow. (i can submit it at any point along the stage of evolving to an answer). so maybe it'll give me a better score, but probably not. We'll see! regardless its look like i'll have a top 10% finish which is nice its been gosh 4ish years since i had one.