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i guess things are looking up

Work still continues on the client/server code. i had some real issues automating the firewall access, but i think i got that sorted now. i set it aside after that (that was sunday) I'll probably look at it some more tonight.

I've been trying some slow gradients in the boosting part of the algorithm. i think the idea here is less about picking up other signals in the data and more about dampening the noise i introduce. instead of 70% of the answer put in. i'm doing 40% now. this is working pretty well. i get the feeling 20% might work better still. the idea being that if you are introducing noise you want your noise to be same "level" as the background noise, so on the whole you arent adding any (since noise ideally hovers around 0 and the various noises cancel). the signal while only at 20% is still signal and does what it's supposed to do. (identify the answers) the 40% run is still going, i'll probably start on the 20% run before i  get the client/server version done. 

I started looking at the data its using (just for fun) turns out its using a lot atom position data.... which is weird. I read that there is a standard "best" form for describing crystalline structures and these have already been optimized for that. So maybe conceptually certain atoms positions (atom 20's X position for example) are telling to the details of the crystal. but this seems wrong... at least a really terrible way to get at the data you want. I might do my 20% run without the XYZ data turned on just to see if it: 1, produces better results and 2, has results that make more sense.