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The legacy Grand Prix in louisvie, ky

I took a deck I've been working on to the legacy grand prix this weekend. It was definitely tier 2 still. I had a lot of near misses (loss in 3 games, 1 match win in 4 rounds) and ended up dropping the main event and testing it a lot in side events this weekend.. I called it aether vise.  I'm not done with the deck. I've gotten a lot of great information to improve it. The deck is as follows (copy-paste from http://tappedout.net )

So my notes go like this:

a little more tweaking and i think the deck will sing. right now it feels like an 8 cylinder car with 1 dead plug. i think the amount of control is right where I want it. It was the win cons that gave me problems.(with an occasional exception of too much or not enough mana. I'm chalking that up to normal game play).

So many near misses. no blow outs in either direction (except me vs elves... poor elves guy. 1 game i lost, i misplayed winter orb over sphere of resistance turn 2. The games weren't much of a challenge. Oh! and me vs dead guy ale.. that deck is seems just too slow or he had absolutely rotten luck both games).

I feel like my deck tries a little to hard to do certain things and not hard enough at other things. I need it to be a smooth tool box deck. almost everything needs to be a 1 of.

So changes: i think every win con should all be 1 of  (Except ghripr aether grid that should be a two of since its value is huge and it shuts off winter orb). which means i have to cut a black vice. I'm going to put Ajani Vegenant in place. I was also pleased with adding a chandra main. that is i ran it with a chandra in it in side events (instead of 1 of the 3 sun droplets). I think she is ideal as a 1 of. sun droplet as a 2 of is fine... 3 was good to but 1 would leave me looking for it too often for spiteful visions or as another mechanism to slow the opponent's win. 

Previously I tried to hard to make all cards tutor-able. But that's not the best thinking. There is no reason i cant run a few win cons that aren't tutor-able ajani and chandra are both good enough to just "show up". I considered koth as well but he doesn't do enough unless you are playing a blood moon heavy deck.

the ensnaring bridges should probably be a 2 of main instead of 3 ghostly 1 ensnaring. it should be 2 and 2. Ever since i migrated away from the 4 howling mines main (down to 1 at this point) and moved away from the black vise heavy build ensnaring bridge has gotten stronger and stronger.

i also think the wastelands can go to a 1 of from 3 ... leave a spot of blink moth well and Academy Ruins (only usable with a mox).  Why? its rare that destroying a land sets me up for later. unlike blood moon wins, wasteland almost always has to combo off of the crucible to be all that good or just gives me a little early game time walk. Since i'm not running creatures to abuse the advantage its not all that valuable most of the time.  Also, as for the combo 1 ghost quarter does the same, which is in there too. All in all, sphere has the same net effect and is way better over all.

As for blink moth well, having a non counter-able way to tap winter orb (miracles) is good and that gives me 4 ways to tap the 4 orbs so hopefully that runs a little smoother. (1 relic barrier, 2 grid and 1 well). I considered a man land too. but, I don't think a man land is necessary with the addition of both planeswalkers, since miracles has a tough time with 4 drops.

The academy ruins, this would be an experiment. more than once i wanted a way to get back an artifact and it makes my expedition map better. it also gives me an out vs slow mill.

Side board thoughts: The porphyry nodes sideboard is great, I might want another or different creature hate card in place of the bridge I'm moving to main deck. the nevermore is great i just to get a lot better at picking things to name (wear/tare is a good one!). I went to 1 from 2 earlier, I can see arguments to going back to 2.  The lay lines of sanctity are great at 3. The same is true for chalice is great at 3. 2 wear and tares was good. It seems like the right amount when i want them, though there might be better choices out there. The 2nd rest in peace was less impact-full than i expected. i need to play more to see if it stays. The extra pithing needle in the side was fine, same with blood moon. I have no idea if sun droplet needs to stay in the sideboard as a 1 of. Two main seems enough except against burn and them 3 might not be a enough anyway.

the current version of the build can be found here (i renamed it)