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The ban update is in, eye of ugin is out

Well they posted the the new ban list for magic. Also poor eye of ugin you were .... so broken. It was totally the right choice though. Two free mana for any eldrazi spell when there are so many good fairly cheap eldrazi? yes please. They made the right decision. And really eldrazi is still totally viable. I'm going to try keeping the modern, standard and legacy decks I have together for now... though I might tweak the modern one some.

They unbanned 2 cards and that I found surprising. sword of the meek enables a pretty ridiculous combo and Ancestral Vision just makes blue decks and possibly any cascade decks better. If they have room for it that is.

The sword combo deck should change the meta. It's too strong of a combo not to have some people play it. I'll eventually get my hands on a playset and see if I like playing it, but i'm in no hurry.

However, the ancestral visions card will just make some decks better. There is no shardless agent or bloodbraid elf in modern, so you can't get a decent creature AND trigger visions in 1 go, at least not for 3 or 4 mana. I'm sure some decks will just throw it in for the draw advantage 4 turns later for the long game. There might be a way to cheat it in to play besides cascade. It occurs to me just now, I suppose you could use the new shadows over innistrad card Brain in a Jar to cast it outright. You would have to remove the jar from play before the ability resolves and have had no counters on it to begin with (it uses the last known information about the brain in a jar card when resolving the ability). Regardless, I picked up some of these up because they seem like a staple for deck building in modern now that it's legal.

Speaking of the new set, I have just a few small observations from playing in the prerelease(s). The green hate bears seem... nuts. White has some really good creatures as well as Archangel Avacyn (which just wins games). Red got some nice agro support and black got more zombies (never a bad thing) not to mention a vampire or two. I can see black agro variants and Green/white or red/green creature decks being a thing. Especially since collected company has not rotated out yet.

As I already mentioned I'll will continue to play my standard eldrazi for a while, probably changing it slightly to use a few of the newer cards... but I think (eventually) I'm going to try my hand at either a blue or blue/black mill deck. It seems like that could be the next thing.  Blue didn't seem to get all the obvious love that the other colors did but i think it probably got enough stall between Jace, Unraveler of Secrets and Engulf the Shore and mill cards like Startled Awake and Manic Scribe that it could be a real threat especially with a nicely timed languish. That being said add Sphinx's Tutelage to Forgotten Creation or dark deal and all at once the game gets over in a hurry.