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It's been another 4 months

Hello hello and hello! If you are still with me then my hats off to you, if this is your first time here well welcome!


So, what's new? Oh i dunno. the yourdatamining.com website seems a bust. no one is interested in using it. (not real surprising to be honest) I advertised a little and it was interesting to see what search terms lead people there. Usually no one bothered to use the site much and just left. And even if they did stick around, they never came back. So basically it's a no go.

I'm not done though. I've got a new plan. I'm the new owner of http://www.securitiesminer.com/ I'll be setting that up in a few days. In short i will be forecasting various securities. I'll start out with stocks and probably add crypto currency right away. i might add regular currency exchanges as well. The program will forecast 120 day out valuation (price) change... actually, it'll predict percentage changes but same difference really.

I already do this for my own personal investment. i'm just going to expose the results to the world. I'd love for that to make me enough money from the site so I don't have to have a day job (through advertisements) . I won't go on about any more details. if you are a long time reader you will likely already know enough about me and my interests to know this is right in my wheelhouse.

What else has been going on... I guess I'm finally done with magic the gathering. I went to eternal weekend. it was "okay" felt like a small grand prix. I was disappointed to find out that the old school champion ship wasnt on site and was run by another organization (eternal central) I was also disappointed at the rules they had where they didnt allow reprints. It kind of spoils the point imho. the game is the game. not 1 or 2 particular version of the cards. So i skipped that event as my deck had reprints of various cards and i could have shown up with a substitute deck but the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth.  Anyway, next year I might still do vegas but i dunno. interests change.

I'll be doing go st. louis in april (the marathon) so i've started training (barely) so between that and rimworld (a game i really like ... you can see me play on twitch ... user 1daft ) and the securities site ... and a day job. i keep busy :)