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been a long time since I rock and roll..

Wow so I did it again. I stopped writing blog entries. I like to keep ideas going in blogs (a running story if you will) but i guess, things get busy and my focuses change and the next blog doesnt seem relevant thus maybe not something i want to write, then the whole blog writing idea gets out of my mind entirely... and then months have passed. lets set the excuses aside and give some updates to things.

So first I was going to start the one punch man thing. I started to get in to it, then not so much. that is to say every time i started to make headway in to a committed exercise routine, i'd get injured or sick or busy for like 5 days in a row. So long story made short, it never happened. I ~am~ trying to train for another marathon right now, but I'm finding that old foot injuries are getting aggravated and then not healing as fast as I need them to. i'm loathe to run on injured feet. I'm working on the problem by doing less heal striking when i do run, but right now i'm not keeping pace with the training i should be doing because of the longer breaks between runs.

Losing some weight would help all this. I'm not happy with my weight right now and i'm heavier than I have been in years and years. (200-205, usually i'm more like 190-195 and i like being 180-185)  the running hasn't really helped. It usually does some, this time not at all. I think it's because i program/sit all the time. i guess i need a diet on top of it. the extra weight isn't doing my body any favors healing from running either. Also, its harder on the body when i do run. Try running around with 20-25 pounds of top soil... its harder!

Other things that have happened, i went to gen con. It was probably for the last time. I mainly went this year because it was #50 and we humans do love celebrating multiples of 10. It was a bit of a meh experience, to much of it was stuff i either didn't care to do or wasn't all that. I played no board games at all there (which is odd, its a board game convention) I did play some magic, but magic there is not like it is at a grandprix where it is the main focus. And its a lack luster experience because of that. I did see they might be giants (which was pretty great), play some true dungeon (also great) and have dinner with a giant group of people at  fogo de chao a brazilian steakhouse. So there were definitely some good times to be had.

I've more or less quit magic. I might do 1 or 2 more events but I've just not got the interest anymore. I do tend to have a little more fun when i play with the long breaks in between but I really think it is time for new hobbies.

A few things I'm doing right now for hobbies, a automatic trading card sorter (seems ironic to do it now, but i have more time so.... yeah), more data mining improvements/competitions and maybe a feathercoin payment program/plugin for eCommerce. I'll talk more on all that at a later time.